What are iSpy Bags?

iSpy Bags are an educational game without the need for batteries or any electronics.  They are suitable for children aged 3 to 103.  


These iSpy Bags are a treasure hunt presented in a fun and challenging way. 


With 28 items to find, this game is perfect for amusing children on long journeys, waiting for appointments or just for a little quiet time.


They are especially suitable for children or adults with special needs or learning difficulties.


The game is designed not to be opened and is strongly stitched on all sides, making it very safe to use - even by little fingers!



Vicki Mills: Excellent service. I ordered three and all the gifts were loved by the recipients. All were personalised and I was able to choose the material I wanted. Would highly recommend.

May 6, 2015


Liz Griffith:  I had a few special requests but nothing was too much trouble and my son is delighted with his new toy.  Really fast delivery and very high quality.  Thank you!




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